Students establish Society of Ecological Restoration at Yale

Pāpala (Charpentiera obovata) saplings ready for planting in a forest restoration project during Devon Ericksen's summer internship in Hawai'i
July 1, 2020

Forest restoration focused masters students Thomas Launer (M.F. ‘19) and Devon Ericksen (M.F. ‘20) recognized an academic and professionalization opportunity to broaden their - as well as their classmates’ - knowledge and network of forest restoration. The pair founded the Yale Student Chapter of the Society of Ecological Restoration (SER). With membership funding graciously provided by Dr. Marlyse Duguid, up to 50 students are now members of SER, with access to webinars, journal articles, reports, newsletters, and the broader professional network. As SIG leaders, Thomas and Devon organized two gatherings, the first with Ina Vandebroek (NYBG Ethnobotanist, YSE Lecturer) and the second with Alicia Calle (ELTI Postdoctoral Associate, Restoration Ecologist). Plans to tour local restoration sites this spring were impacted by the pandemic, but future student members will have the opportunity to learn from work that has been done by experts right here in the New Haven community. Additionally, current masters students and recent graduates will have continued access to online resources from SER. Thomas and Devon hope that the SER SIG will provide a central place for students with a diversity of backgrounds to share experiences and interests as ecological restoration takes a more prominent role in forestry.