ELTI celebrates first year of online certificate program

Foresters, landowners, and practitioners apply their skills in the forests of the Philippines during the field course of ELTI’s first offering of the first Tropical Forest Landscapes certificate program.
July 1, 2020

As a leading example for offering online courses and certifications within Yale University, the Environmental Leadership & Training Initiative (ELTI) affiliated with the Forest School has fully developed blended courses, in which Yale faculty and staff are building and teaching curriculum for online classes on tropical forest management and conservation, with an optional field component. ELTI has successfully completed its first year of its Tropical Forest Landscapes Certificate, a yearlong program with five courses: fundamentals, people, strategies, funding, and field, while concurrently developing an individual capstone project with mentoring from YSE and Forest School faculty. Through this program, participants have learned to design, implement, and monitor conservation and restoration initiatives in their home countries. For more restoration events offered by ELTI, click here.