Policies, Investments, and Capacity Development

Tuesday, January 24, 2023 - 12:00pm

Potential for Smallholder Planted Forests and Trees to Restore Degraded Mosaic Landscapes in Uganda

In the talk, we will focus on the current drive and campaign to restore degraded landscapes through planted forests following the high rate of deforestation in the country of approximately 2% per annum as well as making clarity of the approaches employed in Uganda to restore degraded landscapes through a combination of private sector led, individuals and community farmer group led efforts. The species of trees planted and why they are preferred for restoration shall also be discussed, including defining what small holder means in the context of planted trees in Uganda.

Further, the policy enabling environment to support small holder tree planting and growing, including short medium and long term plans that incorporate tree planting and growing. In the discussions of the enabling environment, an analysis of the opportunities and strengths in Uganda to foster small holder planting of forests and trees shall be attempted.

The gender dimension and evidences of livelihoods enhancement with the efforts to restore the mosaic of landscapes shall also be discussed in the talk, and the potential for ecosystem and community resilience to climate change effects in Uganda shall be discussed.

Bob Kazungu - Ag. Assistant Commissioner for Forestry in charge of Assessment and Monitoring,  Ministry of Water and Environment, Uganda, and Uganda’s National REDD+ Focal Point.

Bob is an Ag. Assistant Commissioner for Forestry in charge of Assessment and Monitoring at the Ministry of Water and Environment of Uganda, and also the Uganda’s National REDD+ Focal Point. Bob holds a Master of Science degree in Forestry with over 20 years of forestry management.  In addition to Bob’s key function of ensuring that all forestry efforts are compiled and reported to different structures, Bob is key in policy and forestry law formulation in Uganda as well as preparation of standards and guidelines.