Organizational Innovations that Make Community Forestry Viable

Thursday, April 29, 2021 - 11:30am

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Duncan MacQueen, Principal Researcher and Leader, Natural Resources Research Group, International Institute for Environmental and Development

Speaker Information: Duncan Macqueen is an experienced forest research and development practitioner. He has delivered impacts in collaborative programmes across 30-plus countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean.

He has been a conceptual pioneer in the design and implementation of programmes to sustain locally-controlled forest business. Impacts have included new: (i) agroforestry system improvements; (ii) funding facilities for forest and farm producer organisations; (iii) training tools and programmes for business start-up development, risk self-assessment, and business incubation; (iv) labelling options for fair trade forest businesses; (v) tiered organisational structures between producer groups that aggregate product and power; (vi) effective policy advocacy positions; and (vii) knowledge and learning products for a range of audiences.

Over the last 27 years he has authored academic, practical, and policy outputs covering agroforestry tree improvement, locally-controlled forest business, forest-linked organisations, value chain developments (in timber, non-timber forest products, biomass energy, and ecotourism), forest climate strategies, forest governance, and forest development ethics.

Abstract: Duncan’s presentation will focus on the role of commercial organization around accountable finance systems at four tiered levels: local producer groups, regional aggregators and processors, national advocacy federations, international alliances.